Introduction to Perdiz Hunting in Argentina

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Introduction to Perdiz Hunting in Argentina

Post  Admin on Thu Jan 12, 2012 12:37 pm

There are 15 species of Perdiz or Tinamou found in Argentina. Even though the Tinamou resembles and is often called a partridge, it is more closely related to other ground-dwelling birds such as the ostrich or the rhea. The most common is the Spotted Tinamou. Often found but less common are the Martineta and Colorado Tinamou. Female perdiz become mature at only 2 months which allows the species reproduce rapidly. They can have five to six broods per year with 4-6 eggs each. The use of well trained pointers is the preferred method of hunting these birds. Typically, perdiz are found in pastures and grasslands which makes for fairly easy hunting conditions. The perdiz season begins in May and runs through July. Argentina perdiz hunts are usually combined with some other kind of hunt like doves or pigeons.

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