Introduction to Pigeon Hunting In Argentina

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Introduction to Pigeon Hunting In Argentina

Post  Admin on Thu Jan 12, 2012 12:34 pm

There are 7 species of pigeons in Argentina. The most plentiful species are Picazuro, Manchada (Spotted-Wing Pigeon) and the Casera (Rock Pigeon). Like Eared Doves, Pigeons are classified as pests with no season or bag limit and are often poisoned to reduce their numbers. The majority of the pigeon shooting is done in the north central part of the country in Cordoba or Tucuman. Pigeons are typically hunted on crop lands and olive groves. Like ducks, pigeons respond well to decoys and that is how they are generally hunted. It is not uncommon to shoot 500 rounds per day on a typical pigeon hunt.

Pigeon hunting is often a combined hunt with doves and/or perdiz. Interestingly, pigeons and doves are not typically found in the same places. Consequently, a combined hunt usually involves two or more shooting areas.


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