Introduction to Quail Hunting In Argentina

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Introduction to Quail Hunting In Argentina

Post  Admin on Thu Jan 12, 2012 12:25 pm

Quail (Codorniz):

Perhaps the best kept hunting secret in Argentina are the California Quail which were introduced into Chile in 1870 by a farmer who tried to raise them and sell them commercially. After his realization that there was just no demand for his birds he set his quail free. They rapidly expanded throughout the central Chile and into the Lake District. Over the last century and a half quail have expanded across to the east slope of the Andes into westernmost Argentina. Quail are now abundant and actually exceed numbers seen in the Western U.S. The arid agricultural and shrub covered areas of Argentina are perfect habitat for Quail. Patagonia is now home to huge coveys of quail and virtually no on is hunting them. They are generally found in the western sections of the Patagonian provinces Chubut and Rio Negro. There are very few lodges who offer quail hunting in Argentina. I can provide information on quail hunting lodges if you ask. PM me for information.

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