Introduction to huntin Red Deer in Argentina

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Introduction to huntin Red Deer in Argentina

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While many like to compare Argentina's Red Deer to the Elk or Wapiti found in North America scientists are certain that they are different species. In 2001 taxonomist Ettore Randi published a study in the journal Animal Conservation supporting the idea that European Red deer should be differentiated from the North American animals. The study compared the DNA from 13 different species of deer and concluded that the wapiti was a distinct species from European Red deer. Although Elk and Red Deer are very similar in looks their 'bugle' is very different. The Red Deer "roar" sounds more like a domestic bovine while the Elk emits a shrill bugle while in the rut (mating season). The antlers of the red deer are similar but definitely different from the North American Elk in that Red Deer antlers form a "crown" at the top while Elk antlers form in a row. Red deer were originally introduced in central Argentina about in 1906 for sport hunting, and soon after were trans-located to the Neuquén province. They are now found in the provinces of Río Negro and Chubut.

While Red Deer populations in Africa and southern Europe are declining, in Argentina and Chile the Red Deer is seen as a competitor to native animal species like the South Andean Deer or Huemul. The International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources has determined that the introduced Red Deer are one of the world's 100 worst invaders.

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